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Can Arsenal Be Saved From The Scrapheap?

The facts don’t make for pretty reading.

At the moment, Arsenal are on schedule to finish the lowest they ever have been since Arsene Wenger took charge of the club in 1996.

They are also facing the harsh reality of not qualifying for the Champions League for the first time in 15 years.

Not pretty reading at all is it?

To add insult to injury, Arsenal’s recent form is the same as relegation strugglers West Brom and QPR. 

There are a number of contributing factors why Arsenal are currently going down the pan.

Firstly, it’s about time Wenger and the board finally dug deep and brought in the world-class players Arsenal require.

Chief executive Ivan Gazidis recently called Oxlade-Chamberlain’s £12million transfer “expensive.” Compare this to Stoke paying £10million for Peter Crouch and hopefully the reality hits home.

A world-class player obviously will set you back around £20million plus. Perhaps it’s about time the hierarchy at the club sat up and took notice.  The club needs to take a strong stance on transfers. If it doesn’t improve, filling the 60,000 seat stadium will become more and more difficult as fans will refuse to pay £50-£80 pounds a game if they can’t see where their money is going. 

Arsenal Boss Wenger

This takes us nicely onto the current crop of players at the club. The likes of Nicklas Bentner, Manuel Almunia, Marouane Chamakh, Sebastien Squallaci and Andrey Arshavin need to be shipped out as soon as possible. They lack the passion, determination and world-class ability to be an Arsenal player sadly. I’d argue that Walcott is slowly slipping into this bracket. Hopefully everyone understands my feelings on Walcott, see previous blogs.

The arrival of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has just highlighted how poor Walcott has been this season. He lacks composure in front of goal, struggles with his positioning and fails to play to his strengths. 

Only the other hand it’s obviously essential that Arsenal hold on to their superstars. We can not afford the likes of Robin Van Persie, Jack Wilshere and co leave the club. Last summer Wenger said that losing both Fabregas and Nasri would be the worst situation possible for Arsenal. Talk about a kick in the bolocks once they left. 

It worries me that last season Jack Wilshere played 50 games for Arsenal, the most by any player in the squad. He is one of the country’s most talented prospects but, at 19 years old, the midfielder may have been pushed too far, too soon. This season he’s been out injured with a stress fracture – relevent?

 The same could happen to Aaron Ramsey, the Welsh international has played 31 games already this season and exhaustion/injury will soon set in for such a young lad still recovering from a horrific double-leg break.

This summer all eyes will be on Arsenal. No big buys and Wenger has to go, sadly.

  1. 04/02/2012 at 11:31 AM

    The problem Arsenal have is along with other clubs they have stagnated, too many other clubs are in with a chance & good enough to make the top 4, fans have to realise that in England there are only 5 trophies up for grabs, and two of those Champions League & Europa are only available to a few, so in reality you have 3 chances at winning something, thats how difficult it is, which in itself means a top club like Arsenal, Man City , Liverpool, Chelsea and United could quite feasibly go two or three seasons without winning some silverware, unfortunately Arsenal like Liverpool have gone six seasons which the fans find unacceptable, but do you want to support your club through the bad times or do you just want to be a fan? You can still have an opinion, but ultimately if you want glory then I think that you have to consider supporting United or Man City like so many kids have.
    Consider supporters of lower League sides they are true supporters through administration,point deductions and gates of one or two thousand, its hard to be a supporter but easy to be a fan, hence why Barcelona have so many Fans, just like Chelsea and City with unlimited funds the trick is to recognise if you are a fan of something which then makes it easy to drop when things are rubbish, or are you a supporter even if things get bad.

    Nice article though Mr Van

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