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Was Capello Made A Scapegoat?

With all the current talk of Harry Redknapp in the press at the moment it’s harsh to critise Fabio Capello for the job he did.

A lot of people have critised the Italian for the way he apparently mis-managed the England squad. Like an awkward relationship, surely it takes two to tango?

For those who suggested his heart was never in it, perhaps it wasn’t. Perhaps it was something to do with his failure to learn the language and the fact that he never really seemed to understand the mentality of English players.

Ex-England Boss Capello

What people can’t debate is that the figures don’t lie. Capello began his career as England chief in January 2008. He was in charge for 41 games, winning 28, drawing seven and losing six – the best success percentage of recent England gaffer’s.

For me, it’s a shame his resignation came because of an imbecile we called an England captain. How John Terry is allowed to play football, let alone captain his country is beyond me.


That’s why it suprised me Capello stood up for him.

Two years ago, he rightly sacked John Terry for having an affair with the ex-girlfriend of an ex-teammate.

Now, he appears to have left his job because the FA has said Terry cannot be his captain any longer – crazy.

Capello was later quoted by the media in his home country as saying he had been insulted by the board at the FA.

For me, they got it spot on.


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